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I Am the World-Famous "Sports Betting Whale" - One of the Biggest and Winningest Sports Bettors Ever! I Have Wagered Over $500 Million on Sports Games and Ransacked the Sportsbooks in Broad Daylight out of Tens of Millions of Dollars in Winning Profits over the Years. In One Legendary Run at Pinnacle, I Took a $50,000 Bankroll and Turned It into $4 Million in 4 Days of Bets. Now, You Can Finally Claim My Picks as Your Own, Begin Waging War on the Sportsbooks, and Cash in on the Same Sports Picks That I Bet on - Every Single Day!


Subject: Tail the Sports Betting "Whale"

My friend,

I am one of the biggest and winningest sports bettors who have ever walked the Earth. See just one of my betting tickets below where I cashed in on well over half a million dollars on one single wager:

I was paid out $560,000.00 on this one winning ticket. This was a year where I won about $10 Million betting on sports.

First - I'm not showing you pictures of my lavish winning tickets because I want to showboat around with an ego as big as an elephant's. The truth is, it's not always easy to trust someone on the internet. In a time where any Joe Schmo can patch together a website, shoot off their mouths, and tout their picks until smoke turns into's tough to know if you can really trust another person behind a screen.

How many times have you bought picks from wanna-be sports handicappers on the internet - only to come out defeated again, licking your wounds? The quacks are superb at promoting their picks as the best things since bacon...until you begin betting on them and discover they're about as useful as a limp penis. You can't trust these shysters any more than you can trust your dog to solve a physics equation. There are so many rotten apples in the game, it's often hard to know who to really trust and who to avoid like three-day-old fish.

But the difference with me is that I'm not just another player in the dog fight. I am one of the highest grossing sports bettors - ever! A barrier-smasher, a man among mice.

Since the 1990's, I've wagered hundreds of millions of dollars on sports, turning a $1,000 starting bankroll into tens of millions of dollars.

So I'm not just some sweet Fanny Adams who only talks the big game. I've breathed it. I've lived it. I'm a sports betting living legend who has probably won more money betting on sports than just about anybody who's ever walked on earth.

And there's nothing magical about me going from $1,000 to decamillions by betting on sports. I was just bold enough to follow my own picks and take action like a ruthless, emotionless machine that refuses to show weakness, refuses to be vulnerable, and refuses to back down.

I continued betting hundreds of millions at the sportsbooks on my way to becoming one of the highest-grossing sports bettors ever...

Now, you can finally start claiming my picks as your own, and begin waging war on the sportsbooks as you put my picks to work for you day after day to generate your potential fortunes!

Just take a look at some of my sizzling accolades over the years:

I was the largest sports bettor in the United States in the 1990's.
Many sportsbooks in Nevada no longer accept my bets over the fear of loss. Others have placed severe limits on the amount of maximum action they'll take from my wagers.
Over my lifetime, I have wagered over $500 Million on sports – a figure that would likely be in the billions if the sportsbooks didn’t cut me off.
I'm established by IQ tests as a number and pattern-recognition genius.
I successfully turned a $1,000 bankroll into tens of millions from sports betting in the 1990's.
I've won so much money that a handful of sportsbooks could not afford to pay me on millions of winnings.
In the year 1995, the sportsbook at the Mirage was by far the largest sportsbook in Nevada. In that year, the Mirage took in about $150 Million in sports betting action. Out of that $150 Million, a total of about $70 Million in wagers were made by me alone. My wagers alone accounted for almost half the sports betting action of the largest sportsbook in 1995, and about one-third of the combined action in all the Las Vegas sportsbooks!
I wagered millions of dollars on sports in a typical weekend. My typical bet sizes ranged from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per bet.
A major sportsbook director of one of the largest sportsbooks in Las Vegas has called me the best sports handicapper he's ever seen in his life.
I took $500 and turned it into $630,000 within 1 day of bets at the Mirage sportsbook.
I opened an account at Pinnacle sportsbook with $50,000. In a span of 4 days, I turned my $50,000 balance into a $4 million bankroll!
Earlier this year, I took a $500 bankroll and turned it into $180,000 in 10 days of sports betting.

  Check out the $21,000 I cashed out at the sportsbook from my $3,000 Round Robin bet:

And that's no exception. I routinely plunder tens of thousands of dollars in a day from the sportsbooks' coffers week after week. If sportsbook betting limits weren't an issue, I'd likely be cashing out on hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a week like I did in the Mirage days. Take a look at this picture I recently took below on February 18, 2017 when I cashed out $38,500 worth of winning tickets from 1 day of betting on sports:

When I'm hot, I make more money in one day than what people can make in a year of full-time work!


Just a week later on February 26, 2017, I cashed out on another $26,700:


3 days later, I cashed out on another $39,200.00 in winnings:

My winning runs are the talk of legends in Las Vegas, where I'm known for wiping out sportsbooks' entire year of profits in just one good winning run.

Check out this actual copy of an ad that the Mirage took out in a newspaper at the end of 1994 after being wiped clean again to the tune of more than $500,000.00 (half a million dollars) on just one single bet I made:

That's more than half a million dollars I legally raided from the coffers of the Mirage sportsbook in one bet -- all while their operators helplessly stood by with their jaws on the floor and awe engraved into their eyeballs!

In the coming years, I would continue trampling over the sportsbook, ruling them with my iron fists as I routinely drained them out of millions of dollars. In 1995, my sports betting action alone ($70 Million) accounted for almost half the amount of money wagered at the Mirage sportsbook (about $150 Million), and about one third of the combined action wagered at all the sportsbooks in Las Vegas ($225 Million).

In 1995, I exploded right out of the gate by taking $500 and turned it into $630,000 within 24 hours. Below is an article from the 1995 Las Vegas Review Journal that documented the final leg of my historic run. This article below told the story of a gambler who wagered $175,000 and turned it into $455,000. This was a day when I started with $500, working my way up to $175,000 using my signature Round Robin plays, and eventually multiplying it to $455,000 at the end of the day.

I started the day with $500, and turned it into $630,000 within 24 hours. The 1995 Las Vegas Journal documented the final leg of my historic run.

After flattening the Mirage sportsbook in the 1990's, my attention turned to online betting in the 2000's. In the early 2000's, I opened an account at Pinnacle where betting limits were known to be high. I deposited $50,000 into my account and continued surging on with my marquee Round Robin acceleration strategy.

See this heartfelt letter below from James Adam from Australia who won $2,500 within one day of betting with my free sports picks.

"In just 4 days, my starting bankroll of $50,000 skyrocketed like a ballistic missile to a final balance of over $4 Million on Pinnacle!"

That's the possible power of "The Whale Picks."

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